Eurus Energy Group’s First Wind Farm in Mexico


An onsite opening ceremony for Eolica Coromuel, Eurus Energy Group’s first wind farm in Mexico, was held on October 5.

Located near the city of La Paz, this 50MW wind farm is the first wind power generation facility in the state of Baja California Sur.

The project incorporates a 10 MW battery system that offers additionally ancillary service support and grid reliability to Baja California Sur’s electrical system - generation from the facility is sold directly into the wholesale power market. 

Utilizing its knowledge and experience installing wind power projects throughout the world, Eurus Energy Group is aiming to further contribute to Mexico’s sustainable energy supplies and low carbon infrastructure, in order to meet the country’s expected growing electricity demand.

Outline of the Project】

Name of the project Eolica Coromuel
Location State of Baja California Sur, Mexico
Total output 50MW (Wind turbine generator :GE)