Looking towards the future of clean energy
Utilization of diverse clean energy sources will result in the best possible future for all of us

Until recently, many governments provided financial incentives in order to promote clean energy. But as renewable power generation has become a more established as a competitive industry, it is now able to stand on its own in many regions without the need for government support. Furthermore, as clean energy generation becomes more widespread, society has gained a heightened awareness of the various implications upon people's daily lives arising from its expansion.
In order to address these issues responsibly and promote the further utilization of renewable energy, Eurus Energy is committed to pursuing the development and operation of clean electricity sources that do not rely on outside government support or financial subsidies.

Just as the clean energy industry has evolved over past 30 years since Eurus Energy began its operations, we have also witnessed significant changes in surrounding business sectors.
As we move into the 5G and IoT (Internet of things) generation, the automotive and other industries are being transformed from manufacturing to service sectors, and all industrial structures are increasingly impacted by the rapid pace of technological change. Energy production itself is changing from the traditional centralized generation model to one that is decentralized and located close to the actual demand. All of these changes are trending towards the realization of a more sustainable society. Infrastructure-focused industries like the electric power sector need to also follow the lead of the service and other similar industries in recognizing this new market reality. With this reality in mind, as we move forward Eurus Energy will not limit our strategic focus to the renewable power generation business, but rather will embrace a more diversified society by taking on challenges in new business domains in which Eurus can continue to grow in the post-subsidy era.

  • New approach 01

    Retail business

    As economic incentives supporting renewable energy are gradually eliminated throughout the world, renewable energy producers must secure their own off-takers.
    In preparation for this future reality, Eurus Energy has established a retail power supply business. In addition, we are trying to provide new value, such as power regulation, to potential customers.


  • New approach 02

    CG rendering business

    Eurus Energy’s CG rendering initiative utilizes electricity generated by clean energy facilities to power GPU servers to meet the computational demands of complex computer graphic programs via a network, using block-chain technologies. In 2019, Eurus began a pilot project at an existing wind energy facility in Texas, U.S.A.
  • New approach 03

    Grid Storage Battery Business

    Due to the expanded use of renewable energy, there is increasing need that grid storage batteries will implemented as a regulating force to respond to power generation fluctuations.
    In order to further promote the introduction of renewable energy through the stabilization of the supply and demand of electricity, Eurus Energy is launching a grid storage battery business.
    As a first step, "Eurus Shiratori Battery Park" was completed and began operation in January 2024.
    Project name Eurus Shiratori Battery Park
    Location Oaza-Ita, Tagawa City, Fukuoka Prefecture
    Rated output(Rated capacity) 1.5MW(4.58MWh)
    Operation opening day January, 2024