To the future of clean energy power generation.
Utilization of diverse clean energy sources,
It leads to the ideal future for us.

We have been in the wind power generation business for more than 30 years.

Until now, there has been support from the government to promote clean energy, but as renewable energy power generation has become increasingly popular in recent years, its support is no longer needed, and the so-called "post-FIT" era is coming there.

While public awareness of the environment is rising, as clean energy becomes more widespread, various issues for coexistence with people's lives are becoming apparent.

In order to resolve these problems and to promote and expand the use of renewable energy in the same way as before, we are continually improving our ability to compete with each other on a daily basis in an environment where no support has been provided.

In addition, the other business environments surrounding us have changed significantly over the past 30 years.

In the age of 5G and IoT, the automotive industry and other industries are being transformed from manufacturing to servicing, and industrial structures are becoming increasingly diverse.

From a distributed unipolar centralization, demand and supply are shifting to a region-dispersed type, such as local creation, which is generated locally.

All these moves are toward the realization of a "sustainable society." Infrastructure industries such as the electric power operation are also required to integrate into the service industry and those industries.

Against this backdrop, we are not limited to the framework of the renewable energy power generation business, and we hope to address a more diversified society and to challenge new business domains in which Eurus can continue to grow even in the coming post-FIT era.

  • New approach 01

    Retail business

    In the future, we will need to secure our own power suppliers.
    In preparation for such an environment in the future, we started a retail business.
    Through full-scale retail operations, we aim to deliver electricity generated at renewable energy power stations to local communities and to RE100 companies and other customers who need electricity from renewable energy sources.
  • New approach 02

    CG rendering operation

    This operation converts power generated by clean energy into computational power of computer graphics and sells it through a network as computational power.
    In 2019, we decided to conduct a demonstration project in our U.S. project, and we will begin the demonstration project in the summer of 2020.