While working in harmony with the surrounding environment and regional revitalization

As one of the world's leading wind power developers, we have been engaged in a variety of business strategies related to renewable energy.
The Eurus Energy Group was one of the first companies to enter the wind power generation business in the United States in 1987, and has consistently expanded worldwide since that time. With extensive development and investment experience in European markets such as the United Kingdom, Italy and Spain, Eurus Energy also constructed the first wind farm in Japan in 1999. In more recent years, we also established wind generation operations in the Asia-Pacific region and Africa.
Eurus Energy is also engaged in a variety of other business strategies related to renewable energy.
Eurus Energy Group consistently focuses our business strategy on long-term perspectives. This philosophy is applied from the creation of early project site surveys, and continues throughout the lifetime operation of our power plants. Our approach has allowed Eurus Energy to accumulate development and operational know-how, which has built our reputation both in Japan and throughout the global markets in which we do business.
Looking toward the future, Eurus Energy intends to continue dedicating our mission to the protection of the global environment, while also striving to benefit the local communities through prudent development and operation of our power generation facilities.

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