• October 1986

    Started as the electricity business branch of the Tomen Corporation Group(currently Toyota Tsusho Corporation)
  • September 1987

    Started operations in the United States
    (Mojave project, California)
  • September 1988

    Established the Toyo Construction Company
    (formerly Tomen Power Corporation; currently Eurus Energy America Corporation)
  • March 1993

    Started operations in the United Kingdom
    (P&L and RYG projects, Wales)
  • December 1996

    Started operations in Italy
    (IVPC project, Puglia and Campania)
  • April 1997

    Established Tomen Power Europe B.V.
    (currently Eurus Energy Europe B.V.)
  • February 1998

    Started operations in Spain
    (Paxareiras I and IIa projects, Galicia)
  • September 1998

    Established Tomen Power Japan Corporation
    (currently Eurus Technical Service Corporation)
  • November 1999

    Started operations in Japan
    (Eurus Tomamae Wind Farm, Hokkaido)
  • November 2001

    Tomen Power Holdings Corporation spun off from Tomen Corporation to pursue its clean energy business.
  • October 2002

    Changed name to Eurus Energy Holdings Corporation (Tokyo Electric Power Company Holdings, Incorporated became a 50% shareholder)
  • March 2004

    Shareholder composition changed (Tokyo Electric Power Company 60%, Tomen Corporation 40%)
  • December 2004

    Reached total capacity of 1,000 MW
  • December 2005

    Started operations in South Korea
    (Gangwon Project, Gangwon)
  • April 2006

    Shareholder composition changed (Tokyo Electric Power Company 60%, Toyota Tsusho 40%)
  • May 2008

    Started the Eurus Energy Group's first photovoltaic power generation project in South Koreabr>(South-West Sunchang Photovoltaic Power Plan, Jeollabukt)
  • March 2011

    Reached total capacity of 2,000 MW
  • July 2011

    Started operations in Norway
    (Høg-Jæren EnergiPark Project, Rogaland)
  • August 2011

    Started photovoltaic power generation project in the United States
    (Avenal Photovoltaic Power Plant, California)
  • January 2012

    Shareholder composition changed(Toyota Tsusho 60%, Tokyo Electric Power Company 40%)
  • May 2012

    Started operations in Australia
    (Hallett5 project, South Australia)
  • November 2013

    Started photovoltaic power generation project in Japan
    (Eurus Misaki Solar Park , Osaka)
  • January 2015

    Started operations in Uruguay
    (Minas project, Lavalleja)
  • April 2015

    Eurus Energy Japan Corporation was renamed to Eurus Technical Service Corporation.
  • October 2016

    Started operations in Finland
    (Kankaanpäänmäki・Mustaisneva, Southern Ostrobothnia )
  • November 2016

    Started operations in Netherlands(Windpark Netterden, Gelderland and 6states 8projects)
  • January 2017

    Started operations in Hawaii, USA
    (Waianae, Oahu Island)
  • September 2017

    Started operations in Chile(La Esperanza・Marchigüe, O'higgins)
  • May 2018

    Reached total Japanese domestic capacity of 1,000 MW
  • September 2019

    Reached total Europe domestic capacity of 1,000MW
  • October 2019

    Started operation in Africa(Gulf of Suez Wind Farm, Red sea)
  • December 2020

    Started operation in Taiwan(Neipu Photovoltaic Power Plant)
  • February 2022

    Started operation in Mexico(Eolica Coromuel, Baja California Sur)
  • August 2022

    Change in shareholder composition (Toyota Tsusho 100%)