Using our experience and know-how in the wind power generation business accumulated so far as solar power generation is used, we are working together to develop the photovoltaic power generation business globally.

Photovoltaic power generation, which is expected to increase in supply with wind power generation.
From the selection of candidate sites to the construction and operation of power plants, there are many points in common with wind power generation.
The Eurus Energy Group began operating solar power plants in South Korea in 2008, using the experience and know-how it has accumulated in wind power generation projects to date.
Since then, the Group has been working together to develop solar power operation globally, including the construction of one of the world's largest mega-solar power plants in California, USA.
Eurus Energy is aggressively developing its solar power operation as another pillar of wind power generation.

Taking advantage of the experience and know-how
we have accumulated in our wind power generation business,

Cultivate new possibilities for mega-solar.

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