In order to realize Eurus Energy Group(EEG)'s corporate philosophy to help preserve the global environment by disseminating and expanding clean energy technologies, we comply with the following rules.
Comply with all applicable laws, rules, and regulations
  • Always consider first the community and people.
  • Obey all domestic and foreign laws and ordinances and respect the community norm.
  • Follow contracts and keep promises. Business activities should be conducted in good faith and fairly.
Gain trust
  • Projects shall be always pushed forward fairly and in free competition. Daily work shall be conducted exercising moderation and in good faith.
  • Maintain a healthy and clear relationship with the governmental agencies.
Disclose information appropriately and maintain open communication
  • Disclose the company information fairly and properly to the share holders and general public.
  • Businesses shall be developed through open communications and involvement with the local community.
Preservation of the environment
  • Understand a close relationship between earth environment and business activities. Always consider safety of earth environment and possibilities in a continuous growth when business activities are conducted.
  • Respect the rules of the international communities and actively secure safety of earth environment and protect the resources on the earth through use of wind-power generated.
Respect and understand different cultures and make a contribution to the local community
  • Respect and embrace different cultures.
  • Fully understand the role of EEG as a member of the community and even in a foreign country, intermingle with the local community of its country.
Create a work place environment that helps employees manifest their abilities
  • Respect rights and individuality of each employee and make sure that the environment at the work place is comfortable. A comfortable environment helps employees to manifest his/her ability and vitality in fullest.
Shut off relationships with any organization or group that opposes public interest
  • Shut off relationships with any organization or group that opposes public's interest.
Respect intellectual properties and confidential information
  • Respect intellectual properties such as patents and copyrights. Don't violate other companies' right and at the same time protect our rights.
  • Confidential information of EEG, information of others that were acquired by EEG, and personal information of EEG employees should be kept securely and treated accordingly. None of the confidential information should leak out.
Improve company structure and hold employee training
  • In not violating international treaties and laws and ordinances when conducting our business activities, we shall review and revise the EEG Ethics Standards as necessary.
  • Employee trainings shall be arranged for EEG employees to learn new laws and ordinances and perfect company ethics.
Detect, correct, and prevent violations of the ethics standards
  • Should any of the EEG Ethics Standards be violated, find the case of the violation as soon as possible, correct the problem and prevent a recurrence in the future.