Corporate Philosophy

Helping to Preserve the Global Environment by Disseminating and Expanding Clean Energy Technologies.


Being a corporation that develops together with each region, and is trusted by society
Consciously working at all times to coexist and develop with each region, and utilizing this as a basis to foster social trust.
Being a corporation that grows and continues to innovate in the future
Continuing to grow in order to develop a robust operating base capable of winning over the competition, and retaining the desire and will to innovate and respond to changes in the business environment.
Being a corporation that maximizes the creative abilities of individuals and teamwork between them
Respecting the creative abilities of individual people, the foremost driving force of the corporation, and striving to be a corporation where the value of the corporation can be maximized by enabling the dreams of each and every individual to be realized.


Empowering Renewable’s Future

  • Take on challenges in new areas and become the most competitive renewable business in each market we enter.
  • Accelerate global expansion to tackle environmental issues while achieving continuous growth in our business.
  • Maximize our collective strength as a team of renewable energy professionals.