Completion of Eurus Tomamae Wind Farm Replacement Project


Eurus Energy Group has recently completed reconstruction of Eurus Tomamae Wind Farm (total output capacity of 20MW) in Tomamae-cho, Hokkaido, which resumed commercial operation on March 1st, 2022. The project was the Group’s first commercial wind farm in Japan when it originally began commercial operation in November 1999.

This facility was also the first large-scale wind power plant referred to as a “wind farm” in Japan, and was a milestone leading in to the expansion of renewable energy in Japan. However, after reaching its 20 year planned operation life, , commercial operation was temporarily terminated in March 2020 to undergo a complete renewal of its wind turbine generators, administration building, and other facilities in order to continue to effectively utilize abundant wind resources and contribute to the revitalization of the community. The reconstruction activities commenced in October 2020.

Prior to the replacement, the wind farm consisted of 19 wind turbines with capacity of 1MW each, and one of capacity 2MW, for a total of 20 turbines. They have been replaced by five General Electric 4.2MW wind turbines, which are one of the largest models to be installed in Japan.

With the new models in place, the amount of electricity generated is expected to be approximately 20% higher than before the replacement.

All electricity generated will continue to be sold to the Hokkaido Electric Power Network, Inc., supplying the equivalent of electricity requirement of approximately 14,000 average households.

Hokkaido is one of the regions in Japan with excellent wind conditions, and Eurus Energy Group will continue to actively promote wind power projects in Hokkaido.

Outline of the Project

Project Name Eurus Tomamae Wind Farm
Location Tomamae-cho, Hokkaido
Total output

20MW(with output control)

(4.2MW×5units / General Electric)