Ground Breaking Ceremony for replacement construction held for three wind farms in Hokkaido


The ground breaking ceremony for Eurus Energy Group’s reconstruction of three wind farms in the towns of Enbetsu, Hamatonbetsu, and Teshio in Hokkaido on April 19th. The ceremony was held in Teshio Town, with construction participants in attendance.

The wind farms gradually terminated operation between February and September 2021, having reached their 20 year planned commercial operation lives. In order to continue effectively utilizing the abundant wind resources in the area, and to contribute to the revitalization of the community, the wind turbine generators and other facilities will be fully upgraded under the replacement projects. They will be each replaced by a single Siemense Gamesa Renewable Energy 4.3MW wind turbine, and all electricity generated will be sold to Hokkaido Electric Power Network, Inc. 

The three wind farms are scheduled to start commercial operation in February 2023, and are expected to supply enough electricity to power approximately 6,200 average households while reducing CO2 emissions by approximately 10,400 tons per year.

【Outline of the Project】

Project name Location Total output(with output control)
Eurus Enbetsu Wind Farm Enbetsu Town, Teshio County 2.97MW
Eurus Hamatonbetsu Wind Farm※1 Hamatonbetsu Town, Esashi Country 2.97MW
Eurus Teshio Wind Farm※2 Teshio Town, Teshio Country 2.4MW

※1 The replacement work will be carried out on three of the four wind turbines at the Eurus Hamatonbetsu Wind Farm, one of which (1 MW) is still in operation. The total output of the plant after the replacement work is completed will be 3.97M.
※2 The Teshio wind Farm (start operation: October 2001 / total output: 2.4MW) was owned by the Mitsuuroko Group, which concluded a business transfer agreement with Mitsuuroko regarding this project, and Eurus Energy Group took over the project from the demolition of the plant.