Participation in wind power projects in East Africa


In order to promote wind power generation projects in the East Africa region with Windlab Limited (referred to below as “Windlab”), an Australian-based company that carries out wind analysis and the development of wind power projects, Eurus Group has contributed funding to Windlab’s subsidiary Windlab Africa Pty Ltd. (referred to below as “Windlab Africa”).
Windlab Africa is currently developing 16 wind power projects in Ethiopia, Kenya, Tanzania, Zambia, Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi and Malawi, totaling 1,650MW, and from now will work on this in partnership with Eurus Group.

Africa’s Sub-Saharan area already has a population exceeding 1 billion, and each country in the region is showing a remarkable GDP growth rate. On the other hand, electrification in the region is currently standing still at a low rate and from here on a heightened increase in electricity demand is expected to follow economic growth.

In Australia, together with WIndlab, Eurus Group is pushing forward the projects of COONOOER BRIDGE Wind Farm and KENNEDY Energy Park (a hybrid of wind and solar power with a battery storage system).

Eurus Group is currently building a wind farm in Egypt (output of approx. 260MW) in North Africa, though via the participation in East Africa they will also advance wind power projects in that region, and this will go on to accelerate further the global expansion of the group as a whole..

Outline of Windlab Africa Ltd.

Location South Africa
Shareholder composition Windlab Limited 75%
Eurus Energy Holdings 25%
Offices Dar es Salaam, Nairobi