Construction of Photovoltaic Power Plant in Chile


Eurus Energy Group has begun its construction of 10 Photovoltaic Power Plants in Chile, with total power output of approximately 68MW AC or 80MW DC.

All power plants are planned to be built within a range of 50 to 400 km from Santiago, the capital of Chile, and will be promoted based on PMGD* model, a small-scale distributed generation support system. The construction will start sequentially from June 2021, with all projects scheduled to start commercial operation in 2022.

Eurus Energy Group has operated 2 Photovoltaic Power Plants in Chile in 2017, and when these new projects are completed, the total power output of Eurus-owned power plants in Chile will reach 86MW AC (approximately 100MW DC).

Chile has a governmental goal of completing decarbonization by 2050, and is actively introducing renewable energy. Moreover, Chile has one of the highest amounts of solar radiation in the world, being more than two times that of Japan.

In such business environment, Eurus Energy Group aims to continue promoting the expansion of the renewable energy business in Chile.

*PMGD (Pequeños Medios de Generación Distribuída): Designed for smaller, distributed generation projects.