Promotion of Offshore Wind Power Project in Akita Prefecture


Eurus Energy Holdings Corporation has formed a consortium with Japan Wind Development Co. (JWD) and Ørsted and decided to participate in the current Japanese offshore wind auction round under the Offshore Renewable Energy Act*, which closes on May 27th , 2021. The consortium will submit bids for two designated offshore wind sites, both of which are located off the Akita Prefecture: The Noshiro/Mitane/Oga offshore wind farm and the Yurihonjo offshore wind farm. 

Akita is one of the most favorable wind condition areas in Japan. Both project sites are designated as area for offshore promotion under the Offshore Renewable Energy Act of July 21st ,2020. 

The grid capacity is 415 MW for Noshiro City, Mitane Town and Oga City, and is 730 MW for Yurihonjo City (North Area is 373MW and South Area is 357MW). 

The consortium has recently established joint venture companies for the development of these two projects, and intend to advance the initiatives with the understanding and cooperation of the local communities and all stakeholders. 

*Act on Promoting the Utilization of Sea Areas for the Development of Marine Renewable Energy Power Generation Facilities