Eurus Energy and Windlab Start Operation of Kennedy Energy Park in Australia
– Eurus Energy Group’s First Large-scale Hybrid Renewable Energy Facility –


Eurus Energy Holdings Corporation (“Eurus Energy”) announced today that Queensland renewable energy project Kennedy Energy Park has achieved full commercial operations on May 22, 2024. Kennedy Energy Park is jointly owned by Eurus Energy and Windlab, an Australian owned renewable energy company, and is the Australia’s first and Eurus Energy group’s first large-scale hybrid renewable energy facility.

The fully-integrated project combines 43.2MW of wind, 15MW of solar and a 2MW/4MWh battery within a single facility near Hughenden in north west Queensland.

The significant advantage of its hybrid facility is a reduction in weather-induced fluctuation in production as compared to individual wind and solar power plants. Furthermore, the project site experiences strong evening winds which lessen during the daytime hours. As a result, a strong complementary relationship between the wind energy and solar energy production is expected to provide stability surpassing that of either a wind or solar plant alone.
The project company has entered into a PPA for the sale of its power to CS Energy Co., a power company owned by the Queensland Government.

Based on our corporate philosophy of “Helping to preserve the global environment by disseminating and expanding clean energy technologies”, Eurus Energy group will continue to work on further expansion of wind power generation and solar power generation and contribute to global environmental conservation and the creation of a sustainable society.

Outline of the Project

Name of the project Kennedy Energy Park
Investment Company Eurus Energy Holdings Corporation 50%, Windlab50%
Location Queensland, Australia
Capacity Wind power: 43.2MW
Solar power: 15MW
Storage battery: output 2MW / storage capacity 4MWh
Start of construction December 2017
Start of operation May 22, 2024
Purchaser CS Energy(Power Company Owned by the Queensland Government)