Samsu Wind Power Start Operation in South Korea


Samsu Wind Power, which Eurus Energy Group has been constructing in South Korea with Daehan Green Energy Co., Ltd. and Korea South-East Power Co., Ltd., launched its commercial operation today.

The power plant is installed in Gangwon-do, which has one of the best wind conditions in South Korea, and consists of five 4.5MW rated wind turbines. In South Korea this is the first plant installed with a wind turbine class as large as 4.5MW in a mountainous area above the altitude of 1,000m.

Eurus Energy Group operates three other wind farms in South Korea, and by the launch of  Samsu Wind Power’s commercial operation, the total power output of these wind farms has reached 177MW. Combined with solar power generation, the total sum of Eurus Energy Group’s capacity in South Korea now stands at 181MW.

South Korea has a governmental goal of covering 20% ​​of its electricity supply with renewable energy by 2030, and is actively introducing wind energy.

In such business environment, Eurus Energy Group aims to continue promoting the expansion of its renewable energy operations in South Korea.

Overview of  the facility

Name of the wind farm Samsu Wind Power
Location Taebaek, Gangwon-do, South Korea

21MW (with output control)

(4.5MW×5units/ Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy)

Power purchaser Korea South-East Power Co., Ltd.
Business company Samsu Wind Power Co., Ltd.

Eurus Energy Holdings Corporation    56.7%

Daehan Green Energy Co., Ltd.            24.3%

Korea South-East Power Co., Ltd.          19.0%