Implementation of virtually 100% renewable energy and carbon-free electric power consumption in all offices and power plants in Japan.
~Eurus Energy Group contributes to the conservation of the global environment by reducing greenhouse gas emissions associated with our business activities to virtually zero.~


Eurus Energy Group (“Eurus”) has begun efforts to reduce greenhouse gas (CO2) emissions from electricity used by its business activities of all offices and power plants in Japan.

In fiscal 2020, the total annual CO2 emissions attributable to the use of electricity across all 36 of Eurus offices and all 40 operating wind and solar power plants in Japan was approximately 5,000 tons, which is equivalent to that of about 1,800 ordinary households*1.

However, by utilizing the equivalent FIT non-fossil fuel energy certificates and J-credit derived from renewable energy power generation*2, effectively 100% renewable energy is now being used and CO2 emissions have been reduced to virtually zero.

Based on our corporate philosophy of "Helping to Preserve the Global Environment by Disseminating and Expanding Clean Energy Technologies.", Eurus has been engaged for more than 30 years in the renewable energy business, which emits no CO2 during generation, in various countries around the world. However, in order to align with the Japanese government’s aim to realize a carbon-free society by 2050, Eurus has also focused on promoting the reduction of CO2 emissions from the electricity used in conducting our own business.

Eurus plans to continue these initiatives in 2021 and beyond, targeting a footprint of zero CO2 emissions into the future.

As a leading company within the renewable energy power generation business, Eurus will continue to promote the active use of renewable energy, and by doing so contribute to the conservation of the global environment and the creation of a sustainable society.

*1 Annual CO2 emissions per household are calculated as 2.72 tons.

*2 For the electricity supplied by Eurus’s electricity retailer, Eurus Green Energy Corporation, calculation based on FIT non-fossil fuel energy certificate with tracking of the Group's power plants. For electricity supplied by other retail electric power companies, based on J-credits derived from renewable energy power generation.

■Target offices and power plants

Eurus Green Energy Corporation

Eurus Green Energy Corporation was established in December 2018 as a wholly owned subsidiary of Eurus Energy Holdings Corporation, a leading company in the wind power generation industry in Japan, and responsible for retail sales of electricity within the Eurus Energy Group. A service to provide Eurus brand electricity to local facilities at some power plants is scheduled to start in March 2022.

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