Opening Ceremonies Held for Kawaminami Wind Farm and Hamasato Wind Farm

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The opening ceremonies for Kawaminami Wind Farm and Hamasato Wind Farm, which were constructed in the northern Hokkaido region by Dohoku Wind Farm LLC, a group company of Eurus Energy Holdings, and have been in commercial operation since May 26, 2023 were held respectively on June 14 and 16 at each power plant. Local government officials, community members, and construction partners attended the ceremony to pray for the safe operation of the wind farms.

Both projects are part of the "Dohoku Wind Power Generation Project" to install a total of 107 wind turbines in Hokkaido’s Dohoku region. The Kawaminami Wind Farm has installed 19 and Hamasato Wind Farm has installed 14 wind turbines, each with a single unit output of 4.3 MW, one of the largest in Japan.

Based on our corporate philosophy of "playing a role in global environmental conservation through the diffusion and expansion of clean energy," we will continue our efforts to further expand wind power generation. In addition, as a company that makes use of the region's precious wind resources, we will contribute to the preservation of the global environment and the creation of a sustainable society by working even harder than before to revitalize the region.

【Outline of the Project】

Project Name Location Total output
(with output control)
Start of operation
Kawaminami Wind Farm Wakkanai City and Toyotomi Town, Hokkaido 80 MW
(4.3 MW×19 units/SGRE)※
May 2023
Hamasato Wind Farm Horonobe Town, Hokkaido 47.5 MW
(4.3 MW×14 units/SGRE)※
May 2023

※Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy

Kawaminami Wind Farm (Jun.14)

Hamasato Wind Farm (Jun.16)