Ground Breaking Ceremony Held for Installation of Battery Energy Storage System in Eurus Tashirotai Wind Farm

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A ground breaking ceremony was held on May 31 for the installation of a battery energy storage system verification project being developed by Eurus Energy Group and Toyota Tsusho Corporation at the Eurus Tashirotai Wind Farm, with parties from all project participants in attendance.

With the aim of further expanding the introduction of renewable energy and stabilizing the supply and demand of electric power, Eurus is partnering with Toyota Tsusho Corporation on the verification project in an effort to achieve optimal supply and demand management of renewable energy using a battery energy storage system utilizing batteries from used electrified vehicles.The project will involve the installation of a battery energy storage system (1 MW /3 MWh) at the Eurus Tashirotai Wind Farm (installed capacity: 7.650 MW), for which the feed-in tariff (FIT) period has expired.

With the understanding and cooperation of local residents and other related parties, we will proceed with the installation work, giving full consideration to environmental preservation and placing the highest priority on safety management, in preparation for the start of the demonstration experiment in the fall of 2023.

【Outline of the Project】

Project name Eurus Tashirotai Wind Farm
Location Kazuno City, Akita Prefecture
Total output 7.650 MW (0.85MW x 9/ Vestas)
Start date in operation Nov 2002

【Outline of the New Battery Energy Storage System】

Storage battery capacity 1 MW /3 MWh
Developers Joint development by Tokyo Electric Power Company Holdings, Inc. and Toyota Motor Corporation