Completion of Three Wind Farm Replacement Project in Hokkaido


Eurus Energy Group has recently completed reconstruction of three wind farms in the towns of Embetsu, Hamatonbetsu, and Teshio in Hokkaido that had been underway since April 2022. Two of the three wind farms resumed commercial operation on February 2023, and the third wind farm resumed operations today.

The wind farms gradually terminated operation between February and September 2021, each having reached their 20 year planned commercial operation lives. In order to continue effectively utilizing the abundant wind resources in the area, and to contribute to the revitalization of the community, Eurus fully upgrade our facilities.
For the replacement, a single Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy 4.3MW wind turbine was installed at each of the three power plants. With the new models in place and consolidating several wind turbines into one, the amount of electricity generated is expected to be higher than before the replacement and it is expected that the maintenance of wind turbines will become more efficient.

All electricity generated will continue to be sold to the Hokkaido Electric Power Network, Inc., supplying the equivalent of the electricity requirement of approximately 14,000 average households, while reducing CO2 emissions by approximately 10,400 tons per year.

Hokkaido is one of the regions in Japan with excellent wind conditions, and Eurus Energy Group will continue to actively promote wind power projects in Hokkaido.

【Outline of the Project】

Project Name Location Total output
(with output control)
Start of operation
Eurus Embetsu Wind farm Embetsu Town, Teshio County 2.97 MW Feb. 2023
Eurus Hamatonbetsu Wind Farm Ⅰ Hamatonbetsu Town, Esashi Country 2.97 MW Feb. 2023
Eurus Teshio Wind farm Teshio Town, Teshio Country 2. 4 MW Mar. 2023