Eurus Energy Starts Operation of the Kabaoka Wind Farm – The Fourth Wind Farm of the Dohoku Wind Power Generation Project Completed –


Eurus Energy Holdings Corporation (“Eurus Energy”) announced today that Dohoku Wind Farm LLC, a group company of Eurus Energy, has completed construction of the Kabaoka Wind Farm (capacity: 42MW) in Wakkanai City, Hokkaido, and its commencement of commercial operation on February 5, 2024.

The Wind Farm is a part of the Dohoku Wind Power Generation Project, which will install a total of 107 wind turbines at a total of six wind farms in the northern Hokkaido area and the fourth wind farm following the Hamasato Wind Farm, the Kawaminami Wind Farm and the Kawanishi Wind Farm.
While the northern Hokkaido is one of Japan’s most suitable areas for wind power generation due to its favorable wind conditions, the lack of sufficient transmission line capacity to deliver electricity to demand areas presented a challenge to development in the region. Thus, in order to promote the introduction of large-scale wind farms in the area, Eurus Energy along with partner companies established the North Hokkaido Wind Energy Transmission Corporation, which began commercial operation of government-subsidized large-scale power grid and storage battery facilities in April 2023.

The Kabaoka Wind Farm consists of 10 GE Vernova wind turbines with an output of 4.2 MW. All electricity generated will be sold to Hokkaido Electric Power Network Inc. It is expected to generate electricity equivalent to the power consumption of approximately 31,000 average households and reduce CO2 emissions by 47,000 tons per year*1.

Based on our corporate philosophy of "Helping to preserve the global environment by disseminating and expanding clean energy technologies" and our corporate vision of "Develop with local communities and maintain the trust of society", Eurus Energy will continue to work on further expansion of wind power generation and contribute to global environmental conservation and the creation of a sustainable society.

1  Calculated from the CO2 emission factor (FY2021) of Hokkaido Electric Power Co.,Inc.

Outline of the Project

Name of the project Kabaoka Wind Farm
Location Wakkanai City, Hokkaido
Capacity 42MW (4.2MW×10 / GE Vernova)
Start of construction April, 2021
Start of operation February 5, 2024
Purchaser Hokkaido Electric Power Network, Inc.