Eurus Energy’s First Photovoltaic Power Plant in Taiwan

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Eurus Energy Group (“Eurus”), a leading Japanese renewable energy company, announced the start of commercial operation of its first photovoltaic power plant project in Taiwan.
With the start of this operation, Eurus is now operating or constructing power plants in 15 countries around the world.

The Photovoltaic Power Plant is located in Pingtung County, the southernmost county of Taiwan, and solar panels manufactured by URE Co., Ltd. are installed to generate power. The output is 1,985 kW, and commercial operations began in December 2020.

This project was developed by W Energy Investment Corporation, a Taiwanese developer of renewable energy. Eurus will invest in a 40% share of Helios Green Energy, the project holding company.

The Taiwanese government has set a target for increasing the share of renewable energy to 20% by 2025, and is continuing to make proactive efforts, such as by adopting a feed-in tariff, to expand the introduction of renewable energy.

In 2018, Eurus established a local subsidiary in Taiwan, Eurus Energy Taiwan Co, Ltd. ("Eurus Energy Taiwan"). Having established an operating presence in the market, Eurus now looks to expand its renewable energy business in Taiwan.

Outline of Photovoltaic Power Plant

Power plant name Neipu Photovoltaic Power Plant
Location Pingtung County, Taiwan
Scale 1,985 kW (DC)
Business company Helios Renewable Ten Corporation
*Holding company:Helios Green Energy Corporation
Shareholder composition Eurus Energy Taiwan:40%
Farglory Life Insurance Co., Ltd.:40%
W Energy Investment Corporation:20%
Purchaser Taiwan Power Company