Construction of Windpark Spuiin South-Holland, the Netherlands


Eurus Energy Group has begun construction of the 21MW Windpark Spuiin South-Holland, the Netherlands.

Thisproject is owned jointly by Eurus Energy and YARD ENERGY group,a major wind energy developer in the Netherlands.Itis our 10thproject in the Netherlands following the 9 projects we purchasedin 2016. Commercial operation of the plant is planned to commence inJune 2019. Thisproject is expected to generate a total amount of electric power equal tothe power consumption ofapproximately24,000general households.

TheNetherlandshad4,340MW of wind power installed as of the end of 2017,and has set a target of6,000MW total installation by2023.As new environmental policies are expected to continue to be implemented, Eurus Energy Group looks forward to promotingfurther business development in the Netherlandsin the future.

Outline of the Project

Nameof the project Windpark Spui/td>
Location South-Holland, the Netherland
Total output 21MW (4.2MW×5units/ Enercon E-126 EP4)
Electricity purchaser Eneco Group