Acquisition of Wind Projects in the Netherlands


Eurus Energy Group has acquired six operational wind farms (total output of 32.18MW) and one wind farmprojectcurrently under development (21MW) fromYARD ENERGYgroup, a major wind energy developer in the Netherlands. Through these acquisitions, Eurus Energy Group’s wind power business in the Netherlands will grow toa total of 15 operational wind farmswitha combinedoutput of 106.48MW, and two projects under development or construction withanadditionaloutput totaling42MW.

While 4,340 MWof wind power generation had been introduced into the Netherlands by the end of 2017,the nationalgoal is to reach a cumulative total of 6,000MW by 2023.Thus,the further expansion of the Dutch wind power generation market is anticipated. Eurus Energy Group plans tocontinue developmentof itswind power business in this businessenvironment.

1.Outline of Projectsin Operation

Name of the project Location Capacity (MW) Wind Turbine Type
Windpark Coevorden Drenthe 5.88 Vestas V90 2.0MW
Windpark Buren Gelderland 8 Vestas V90 2.0 MW
Windpark Duiven Gelderland 8 Vestas V90 2.0 MW
Windpark De Lier South Holland 2.3 Enercon E70 2.3MW
Windpark Vlaardingen South Holland 6 Vestas V90 3.0 MW
Windpark Vlissingen Zeeland 2 Enercon E70 2.3 MW
Total Output 32.18  

2.Outline of the Project under Development

Name of the project Windpark Deil
Location West Betuwe Gelderland, the Netherlands
Total output 21MW(4.2MW× 5unites/Vestas V136-4.2)
Electricity purchaser Eneco Group