Directors , Auditors and Officers

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Management Board Members

Title Name
Representative Director, President Tetsuya Suwabe
Representative Director Masaru Akiyoshi
Director Seiichi Seo
Director Tsuyoshi Yamada
Director Toshimitsu Imai
Director Kosuke Kunihiro
Director Toshiyuki Ishikuro
Corporate Auditor Akihiro Okubo
Corporate Auditor Hideyuki Iwamoto


Executive Members

Title Name Fields in charge
Chief Executive Officer Tetsuya Suwabe
Executive Vice President Masaru Akiyoshi Head of Japan Unit
Head of Engineering Unit
Managing Executive Officer,
Seiichi Seo Head of Corporate Unit
(Accounting Dept. / Finance Dept. / Human Resources & General Affairs Dept.)
Managing Executive Officer Tsuyoshi Yamada Head of Corporate Unit
(Corporate Planning Dept. / Investment and Risk Management Dept. / Corporate Communications Dept.)
Executive Officer Koji Tsuchimoto Head of Overseas Unit (Outside the Americans)
Executive Officer Hidenori Mitsuoka Head of Overseas Unit (the Americas)
Executive Officer Takeshi Ito Head of Offshore Wind -Japan Unit
Executive Officer Koichiro Hagiwara Head of Corporate Unit
(Legal Dept. / Safety and Environmental Promotion Dept.)
Executive Advisor Hideyuki Inazumi