1.Use purpose of personal information

Eurus Energy Holdings Corporation ("The Company") will announce the purpose of use of personal information handled by the Company and its domestic subsidiaries ("Eurus Group") as follows. In the event that any of Eurus Group company separately individually announces a separate purpose of use of personal information, such company will separately implement such use.

  1. Personal information of landowners and business partners

    Obtaining approvals and licenses for power supply operations and construction of power plants, including the procurement of funds for the construction of power plants, fulfilling contracts, satisfying obligations and undertakings, negotiating contracts, maintaining communications, sending greetings, etc.

  2. Personal information provided during environmental impact assessment procedures

    Implementation of environmental impact assessments on power stations

  3. Personal information of visitors to power plants

    Communications in relation to plant tours

  4. Personal information of those who have received inquiries from our group companies

    Response to Inquiries

  5. Personal information of those who wish to join the Company or Eurus Technical Service Co., Ltd

    Recruitment Selection, Provision of Information to Applicants, and Notification of Selection Results, etc.

2.Shared use of personal information

  1. Scope of companies with which personal information is shared shall be as follows

    i.the Company
    ii.Eurus Technical Service Co., Ltd.
    iii.Subsidiary of Eurus Energy Holdings Co., Ltd.
    iv.In cases where a company other than the Company (a "Joint Investor") has invested in one of the subsidiaries referred to in ⅲ above, such Joint Investor
    ※The subsidiaries referred to in (ⅲ) and (ⅳ) are limited to those that construct or operate the relevant power plants.

  2. Information items subject to shared use

    Name, Gender, Address, Phone Number, Fax Number, E-Mail Address, Bank Transfer Account

  3. The responsible party for the management of personal information.

    General Manager, Human Resources and General Affairs Department, Eurus Energy Holdings Co., Ltd.

3.Procedures for Requesting Disclosure, Correction, Suspension of Use, etc. of Personal Information

If you wish to request that the Company disclose, correct, add, remove or stop using your personal information, please apply by mail or e-mail to the following. The relevant group company will respond within a reasonable period, and within a range in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations after confirming the identification of the person who submitted the request. When any of our group companies discloses personal information, it will be done in writing. In some cases, our group companies may not be accept as a requests for elimination or suspension of use of personal information, in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations.

1.For postal services
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Eurus Energy Holdings Corporation Personal Information Contact

2.For e-mail
Eurus Energy Holdings Corporation Personal Information Contact