About the building of wind farms in Groningen Province, Netherlands

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Eurus Group will begin construction of three wind farms (total output 154.8 MW) in the Groningen Province of the Netherlands.

All three projects have been developed by Yard Energy Group, which Eurus is partnered with in the Netherlands. Business operations for these wind farms are set to begin in 2021, and from then they are expected to provide electricity for consumption by roughly 200,000 average Dutch households. On the completion of these three projects, the combined plant capacity of Eurus Group in the Netherlands – including wind farms already in operation and those currently being built – is set to reach 300 MW.

The Netherlands is actively implementing renewable energy in order to reach the EU goal of a 40% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions by 2030. Within this business environment, Eurus Group will continue to work towards expanding their renewable energy business in the Netherlands.

Overview of the wind farms

Wind farm Municipality  Capacity (MW) turbines Turbine type
Windpark Mauve Delfzijl 30.1 7 Vestas V136 4.3 MW
Windpark Mondriaan Delfzijl 38.7 9 Vestas V136 4.3 MW
Windpark Vermeer Midden-Groningen / Veendam 86.0 20 SGRE* SWT-DD-130 4.3 MW
TOTAL   154.8 36  

Windpark Mauve

Windpark Mondriaan